Transmit your own optical signal across KPN Wholesale’s Dark Fiber network.

Dark Fiber is a direct fiber-optic connection linking various large business locations that require a large amount of capacity. Through this system, you transmit the optic signal across the fiber-optic cable yourself. Dark Fiber provides you with unlimited bandwidth, depending on the transmission hardware you use to illuminate the fiber‑optic network.

You can use Dark Fiber to create a future-proof connection between your site and a customer’s location, two customer locations, or one or more of your own sites. Dark Fiber is a logical option for a capacity of 100 Mbps up to your hardware’s maximum capacity. We recommend Dark Fiber up to a distance of 20 kilometers.

Dark Fiber is available in several different versions and service levels and provides nationwide coverage. We also provide Dual Dark Fiber for locations requiring the highest level of availability. Dual Dark Fiber gives your customers a secure, protected connection through geographically separate routes. This means that, if one route is temporarily unavailable, the other route can take over communications.

  • Direct Fiber-Optic Connection
  • High bandwidths
  • Up to 20 kilometers

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