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Cloud services, virtualization, and a growing dependence on IT have caused an increase in data traffic. A secure and well-equipped datacenter has become essential.

KPN Wholesale delivers datacenter services on behalf of NLDC, the largest provider of datacenter services in the Netherlands. From the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area (AMA) and various rapidly growing regional hotspots, including Groningen, Rotterdam and Eindhoven, NLDC provides both carrier-neutral and cloud-neutral flexible datacenter and colocation services. With a total floor space of 28,000 square meters and 22.5 MW in installed capacity, we can facilitate fast implementation. NLDC’s datacenter services ensure you of continuity, scalability and security.

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Why choose KPN Wholesale’s NLDC Datacenter Services?

Low-latency Connectivity

The Netherlands is the international gateway to Europe: it serves as a landing point for key intercontinental submarine Internet cables that connect the world to the European continent. It’s no coincidence that the Netherlands is home to the most advanced datacenters anywhere in Europe. NLDC serves as the primary digital gateway to the European market and provides low-latency connectivity with a link to the world’s largest Internet exchange ecosystem.


Continuous innovation in our datacenters ensures an uptime track record of 99.99999%. All our Tier III datacenters have Tier IV additions which further enhance the reliability of our services, giving them a rock-solid foundation. Our Eindhoven Datacenter is Tier IV- certified and provides the highest possible operational reliability in the Netherlands.

Customer-Focused Flexibility

NLDC provides scalable, customized data center capacity to both cloud providers and the business market. Offering flexible solutions and integration with cloud infrastructures, we meet continuously changing needs and ensure an optimal connection between the business market and cloud providers. This ensures not only added value for your organization, but also maximum security and reliability.

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