Provide your business users with data and voice services

The ILL Narrowband copper connection enables you to provide data and voice services to your business end users, locally or nationwide. This connection can deliver bandwidths of up to 2 Mbps, making the connection highly suitable for ISDN30 and similar services.

  • Continuous availability
  • Suitable for business telephony services
  • National coverage

Why choose KPN Wholesale’s ILL Narrowband services?

Continuous Availability

If your business customer’s critical operating processes depend on data transport, ILL Narrowband provides the security of a stable connection. This digital fixed connection is only accessible to you and your business customers. And continuous monitoring and service guarantee connection performance without any loss of data, so you can offer your business customers continuous availability.

Highly suitable for business telephony

Narrowband ILL connections are one of the solutions provided by KPN used to link different sites. You can use Narrowband ILL to easily link local area networks (LANs) or switchboard systems together in multiple locations. ILL Narrowband is perfect for customers with a relatively consistent amount of voice or data transport.

National coverage

Wherever your network might be located in the Netherlands, ILL Narrowband provides a link to the national KPN network. This enables you to reach all end-user locations in the Netherlands with your services, from any location.


You will find further information about the above topics below. Many of the documents are only available in the Dutch language. In case you need the information in English please contact KPN Wholesale.

ILL Tariff Schedule v6.2 (geldig vanaf 01-01-2017)

ILL Tariff Schedule v6.1 (geldig vanaf 01-01-2017)

ILL Amendement Tie Cable Optical Smallband Access Group Service

ILL Amendment to the Master Agreement Upgrade/Downgrade Service

ILL Sideletter Introduction X21/V35/V36 Interfaces for 2048 Kbit/s E2E

ILL Amendment to the Master Agreement for Delivery Time Guarant

ILL Amendment to the Master Agreement for the 'end-user modem interface

ILL Amendment to the Master Agreement for Shared Use of Access Service

ILL Parameter Schedule v1.0

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Aanpassing ILL Reference Offer v1.0 tav 2048-beleid