Direct access to KPN’s copper network with MDF Access

With the MDF Access service, you can use the main distribution frame of KPN’s copper network to gain direct access to your customers’ homes and offices. Based on the hardware you have colocated, you can then provide your broadband services to consumers and business end users throughout the Netherlands.

The regulated MDF Access service provides you with access to a reliable connection through KPN’s copper network, using any local main distribution frame. As an MDF Access customer, you can use one or two copper pairs to increase your speed. The nationwide coverage ensures a high level of availability at highly competitive rates. You can use non-shared or shared lines to combine DSL with traditional voice services, for example.

There are three types of service contracts available for this service: Basic, Premium and Special. You can choose which of these contract types best suits your needs based on the turnaround time for service work. You also have the option to assign your own mechanic to perform checks and repair work on KPN’s cables and main distribution frame during service maintenance. This ensures you can provide fast and efficient services to your customers.

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You will find further information about the above topics below. Many of the documents are only available in the Dutch language. In case you need the information in English please contact KPN Wholesale.

MDF Access Tariff Schedule v18 (geldig vanaf 01-01-2021) (15-10-2020)

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