If you require a connection faster than 2 Mbps, SDH ILL provides the solution you need. You can also use this service to connect your network to international network systems through which you connect your customers to the World Wide Web. This service provides a bandwidth of 34 or 155 Mbps, with speeds of up to 1 Gbps.

  • All types of telecommunications
  • High availability
  • Maximum customer reach

Why choose KPN Wholesale’s SDH ILL services?

All types of telecommunications

KPN’s SDH ILL service facilitates transport across a fiber-optic network and is compatible with all telecommunication platforms, including voice, Ethernet, Internet, video and TV. The backbone SDH network is fully redundant.

High availability

You can offer your customers the highest rate of availability (99.999%). Available in several different versions and service levels, SDH ILL is a fully managed service that is monitored 24/7 and allows you to guarantee your customers continuous access to their business network.

Maximum Customer Reach

You get to reach as many customers as possible. SDH ILL is available throughout the Netherlands, and you can connect any customer location in the country to your network, both domestically and internationally.


You will find further information about the above topics below. Many of the documents are only available in the Dutch language. In case you need the information in English please contact KPN Wholesale.

Wholesale Huurlijnen Raamovereenkomst v1.2 (geldig vanaf 11-12-2015) (11-12-2015)

SDH ILL Dienstbeschrijving december 2014 (19-12-2014)

SDH ILL Dienstbeschrijving maart 2014 (21-03-2014)

20160713_WEAS (Koper)_Leverbetrouwbaarheid_V 1.0 (13-07-2016)

20160713_WEAS (Glas + Koper)_Hersteltijden_V 1.0 (13-07-2016)

20160713_WEAS (Glas)_Leverbetrouwbaarheid_V 1.0 (13-07-2016)

20151113_WBA Beschrijving Migratie Binnenringen en Vectorisatie voor WSOs 2015_v2 (18-11-2015)

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20140717_WBA_PtP Expertsessie_v03 (25-07-2014)

20140709_Expertsessie_WBA_08_jul_2014_versie_005 (09-07-2014)

Toelichting errorcodes CIP (30-07-2012)

Specificaties Handshake (15-06-2012)

Specificaties CIP (15-06-2012)