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WEAS (Wholesale Ethernet Access Service) is a dedicated, secure Ethernet connection available for copper and fiber-optic networks with nationwide coverage. It’s the perfect solution for building VPNs, business Internet and/or providing access to large amounts of cloud traffic. We deliver WEAS as a ready-to-use product, ensuring high quality levels and reliability for all your business applications.

  • Ready to use
  • Reliable
  • High bandwidths

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Why choose KPN Wholesale’s WEAS services?

Ready to Use

We provide this service in a ready-to-use format to the location of your choice: fully operational and tested, including internal cables in your preferred location. Also suitable for complex situations.

WEAS is fully managed:

  • 24 hours a day
  • 7 days a week

Perfect for businesses with a need for high service levels.


Suitable for business-critical services. We deliver standard WEAS with 4 hours’ recovery time. At your request, we can deliver WEAS with maximum redundancy. Based on business fiber-optic services, we can provide both the access fibers and the central connection as a redundant unit.

Operating on the basis of dedicated VLANs, WEAS meets the highest security and quality requirements.

High Bandwidths

WEAS is available with speeds of up to 1 Gbps. This enables you to effortlessly guarantee the transport of large amounts of data, for example at banks and law firms.

The service supports both regular and priority traffic with low latency and throughput guarantees.


You will find further information about the above topics below. Many of the documents are only available in the Dutch language. In case you need the information in English please contact KPN Wholesale.

WEAS Annex 1 Tariff Schedule v7.4 (geldig vanaf 01-04-2021) (26-03-2021)

WEAS Annex 1 Tariff Schedule v7.3 (geldig vanaf 30-11-2020) (18-09-2020)

WEAS Annex 1 Tariff Schedule v7.2 (geldig vanaf 08-10-2020) (07-08-2020)

WEAS Annex 1 Tariff Schedule v7.1 (geldig vanaf 01-03-2018) (09-02-2018)

WEAS Annex 1 Tariff Schedule v7.0 (geldig vanaf 01-03-2017) (23-12-2016)

WEAS Annex 1 Tariff Schedule v6.9 (geldig vanaf 21-10-2016) (21-10-2016)

WEAS Annex 1 Tariff Schedule v6.8 (geldig vanaf 01-01-2016) (23-12-2015)

WEAS Annex 1 Tariff Schedule v6.7 (geldig vanaf 18-12-2015) (18-12-2015)

WEAS Service Description version 6.6 (valid from 09-06-2021) (04-06-2021)

WEAS Amendement i.v.m. migratie naar FttH of (V)DSL versie 1.0 (06-05-2021)

WEAS Service Description version 6.5 (valid from 08-10-2020) (07-08-2020)

Pilotovereenkomst Wholesale Installatie v1.0 (28-06-2019)

Dienstbeschrijving Wholesale Installatie v1.0 (28-06-2019)

WEAS Service Description version 6.4b (valid from 01-03-2018) (12-02-2018)

WEAS WSO-WSO-migratie - Pilotovereenkomst v1.3 (17-11-2017)

WEAS WSO-WSO-migratie - Bijlage 1 Algemene beschrijving v1.3 (17-11-2017)

WEAS WSO-WSO-migratie - Bijlage 2 Procesbeschrijving v1.0 (17-11-2017)

WEAS Service Description v6.3 (valid from 01-09-2016) (17-06-2016)

Wholesale Huurlijnen Raamovereenkomst v1.2 (geldig vanaf 11-12-2015) (11-12-2015)

WEAS UK Amendment (08-09-2010)

As of May 1st 2020 you can find the most recent information about reach and roll-out op the WEAS network in the completely renewed MijnKPN Wholesale. The documents are listed below.

ODF Access Onnet-/Nearnet lijst

ODF Access O-gebieden-informatie

ODF Access area information abc pc4

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As of May 1st 2020 you can find the WEAS B2B specifications Postcode Tool v11.0 in the completely renewed MijnKPN Wholesale for wholesale customers, uder WEAS Documenten.

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Userguide WEAS copper migration juli 2021 (26-07-2021)

User Guide WEAS MBE Fiber FttH / Copper DSL orders juli 2021 (22-07-2021)

User guide WEAS Discon Access set Q2 2020 (08-06-2020)

Userguide TIE WAP also WBA WAP januari 2020 (21-01-2020)

User guide WEAS related EVC orders - also modify 31-08-2019 (31-08-2019)

Manual WEAS EUA Ordertrail, juni 2019 (11-06-2019)

Userguide WEAS WSO-WSO, mei 2019 (13-05-2019)

Userguide WEAS similar orderbutton januari 2019 (21-01-2019)

User guide TIE password change, 28-09-2018 (28-09-2018)

WEAS Manual TIE EVC tariffs, versie 01-03-2018 (06-03-2018)

WEAS Manual Dual Access for customers - versie januari 2018 (05-01-2018)

WEAS Instructie Cancellation versie 27-11-2015 (12-02-2016)

WEAS Handleiding vereenvoudiging WAP-keuze bij ADD EVC 12-02-2016 (12-02-2016)

WEAS Customer Instruction for tagged EVC versie 01-02-2016 (01-02-2016)

WES Manual addition (15-06-2012)

What you need to know about WEAS over FttH and DSL 08-10-2020 (07-08-2020)

WEAS WSO-WSO flyer English 14-02-2019 (14-02-2019)

WEAS WSO-WSO flyer, Nederlands 14-02-2019 (14-02-2019)

WEAS vervuilde grond - flyer - ENG (31-10-2017)

WEAS vervuilde grond - flyer - NL (31-10-2017)

Brochure Levering Glasvezel (EN) (11-10-2011)

Brochure Levering Glasvezel (16-09-2011)

WEAS MEERUITGLAS actie-aanbod en -voorwaarden versie -08-2016 (26-08-2016)

WEAS aanbod en voorwaarden actie B- en C-access voor A-access vva-tarief (20-05-2016)

WEAS SNELGLAS Actie-aanbod en -voorwaarden versie -03-2016 (04-03-2016)

WEAS zakelijk glasvezel uitbreiding actie KoningWINTERbreedBANDEN (-12-2015) (11-12-2015)

WEAS zakelijk glasvezel actie KoningWINTERbreedBANDEN (actie geldig van 16-11-2015 t/m 15-03-2016) (06-11-2015)

G-form v9.0 (23-09-2015)