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For media and other companies, it is an absolute requirement to deliver content to end users without any hiccups or malfunctions. It is not only the fast and reliable connections which are essential, but also the distribution of media across the open Internet. KPN Media Services can support you with both the distribution of media across the open Internet and dedicated solutions.

KPN Wholesale Media services

KPN Wholesale Media Services offers the following three product groups: Content Delivery NetworksMedia Transport Services and Hospitality TV. The choice of the right product depends on a variety of factors. Would you benefit from a Content Delivery Network, or would our Media Transport Services better suit your needs? Are you interested in providing Hospitality TV to patients at healthcare facilities or hotel guests?

We can help you choose from the numerous options available.

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Content Delivery Network (CDN)

  • Distribution of content streams across the open Internet – all locations
  • Global distribution: fast, secure, and reliable on all devices
  • Applications: Live Event Streaming, Media Streaming, Web Acceleration
  • Including Workflow system: management from a single platform with a global reach

Media Transport Services

  • Distribution of video signals from fixed locations or event locations
  • Complete coverage Netherlands, PoPs: London,Paris,Brussels,Frankfurt,Copenhagen
  • Linear (point-to-point) distribution of video, audio and related data
  • Various solutions available, ranging from full service to piecemeal solutions

Hospitality TV

  • TV for hotels, resorts, healthcare, student accommodation or other housing
  • Large selection of regional, national, and international channels
  • Easy to expand with Internet and WiFi
  • Available across multiple technologies for the best possible end-user experience

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