“ KPN’s Live Event Streaming service ensures that your event can be viewed worldwide via a live stream delivered to a Smart TV, tablet, PC or any other suitable device. Videos are delivered without any issues, even when the video stream is viewed by a large number of people at the same time.”

Nothing is as precarious as a live event. There is only one chance to get it right. Live Event Streaming is part of KPN’s package of Content Delivery Services. It allows concerts, webinars, product kick-offs and other events to be live-streamed via the Internet. So that your viewers can experience the event on any device, at any location. No download time, no interruptions. After your event has ended, a Video on Demand (VoD) item is immediately available to be posted on your website or shared on social media. KPN provides Live Event Streaming as it is intended.

Live event streaming offers

  • User-friendly and affordable live video streaming from any location
  • Stream your live event worldwide to any device (tablet, smartphone, PC, Smart TV, game console)
  • Pause and playback of live video
  • Share the event as a Video on Demand item after it has ended
  • Live Event Support
  • Easily include adds from sponsors or other parties
  • Give your live event a professional look and feel with pre- and post-rolls

Live event streaming characteristics

  • Video Processing & Delivery
  • Scalable, flexible and available worldwide
  • Service & Support
  • Security at network and content level: delivery of content over SSL (HTTPS), DRM support, geo blocking, DDoS mitigation
  • Statistics and raw log files