KPN Wholesale Media Services has been delivering various media transport solutions which are used widely across the world of media. We have seen an explosive growth in the use of video in all our markets in recent years – not just in traditional TV broadcasting, where linear TV is increasingly making way for on-demand formats, but also as a corporate communications medium. We can meet this demand through our Media Transport Services.

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Why choose KPN Wholesale’s Media Transport Services?

Reliable Media Network

Transport of media content with high standards for quality, security, and availability, but also budget-solutions via public internet.

The underlying network is optimized for linear video transmission and the corresponding audio and data.

You can offer your customers more than 400 existing TV channels through this service, while specific video channels can also be delivered to your site.

Complete coverage

In addition to covering all of the Netherlands, the current network also maintains PoPs in London, Paris, Brussels, Frankfurt, and Copenhagen.

Constant monitoring

The MExNet service suite is monitored 24/7, a level of surveillance which extends far beyond merely checking data transport. The quality of the video characteristics of the transport is monitored on a continuous basis.

How the KNVB uses the Media Transport Services

Gijs de Jong - KNVB

Gijs de Jong
General Secretary, KNVB

“Successful Partnership between 
KNVB and KPN Wholesale adds 
‘Dutch Touch’ to VAR"

For quite a while it was unclear whether the VAR (Video Assistant Referee) would ever see the light of day. But one organization – KNVB, the Royal Dutch Football (Soccer) Association – never had any doubt. For them, the only question was how and when. Thanks to the efforts of KPN Wholesale and partners, the VAR has rapidly become an indispensable resource in the Dutch "Eredivisie".