Provide your customers with KPN Wholesale’s fixed and mobile interconnection

All domestic and international telephone connections are ultimately linked, regardless of whether you use KPN or another provider. KPN’s modular services (including call termination, call transit and call origination) provide you with all the elements you need to deliver reliable and comprehensive telephony services. If you do not currently operate your own network, please check the options provided by KPN’s Rent‑a‑Switch (RaS) service.

Reliable and Comprehensive Phone Services

Call termination services allow you to call numbers on the fixed and/or mobile KPN network. Our call transit services provide you and your customers access to other fixed and mobile telephone networks in the Netherlands and the rest of the world. KPN end users who take advantage of our call origination services can have phone calls handled by another telephone provider by choosing a prefix or they can use the number services offered by another telephone provider. KPN delivers these calls to the telephone provider’s network for further handling.

Telephony Services under Your Own Name

Discover KPN’s Rent-a-Switch (RaS) service and deliver telephone services to end users under your own brand name without the need to operate a network. You focus on the marketing and sales, while KPN provides the technology.

Excellent Call Quality

KPN is committed to quality. KPN’s high-quality phone networks are redundant, ensuring the highest possible availability of its phone services. The careful choice of network hardware and optimal network architecture ensure excellent call quality. KPN’s telephone networks are monitored 24/7/365.

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