More information about regulations

Under the heading ‘Regulations’, you will find more information about long-term access to KPN Wholesale’s fixed broadband connection networks in the following items: ‘open wholesale model 2014’ and ‘verbrede vrijwillige aanbod 2018' ('extended voluntary offer 2018’).

In addition, KPN must publish a number of regulations on its website. These reports are also available on this section of the website under the heading Tarieven en kostendocumenten (‘Rates and Cost Documents’).

Open Wholesale model '14

On Monday, May 19, 2014, KPN made a proposal for an Open Wholesale Model during the Industry Group Hypothesis session on Market Analyses.

Verbrede vrijwillige aanbod '18

On Tuesday, February 27, 2018, KPN Wholesale published its ‘Verbrede vrijwillige aanbod' (Extended voluntary services) related to KPN’s high-quality broadband network. These services guarantee long-term security of supply for wholesale partners and freedom of choice for Dutch consumers.

Rates and Cost documents

KPN publishes a number of reports on its website, which is required under the regulations.