Direct Carrier Billing enables end users to purchase apps, music, or games or make in-app purchases using their phone.

Settlement by mobile invoice

Once the customer has been authorized and approved to have their app purchases billed rather than paying for them on the spot, the purchase is processed within the KPN infrastructure.

High Conversion Rates

Direct Carrier Billing payments have a higher conversion rate than other payment methods, with fewer interrupted credit card payments. An added advantage is that customers are not redirected to external payment services pages (e.g. PayPal.)

In addition to Direct Carrier Billing, where your cell phone bill provides an additional payment option for your online and in-app sales, we would also like to discuss with you the use of SMS services.

More about SMS Services

If you want to discuss the possibilities of Direct Carrier Billing with one of our experts feel free to use the contactform below so we can schedule an appointment.