Provide your customers with high-speed Internet access with KPN Wholesale WMP

Wholesale MultiPlay (WMP) allows you to provide high-speed Internet access to your customers. You can combine this service with landline services (VoIP) to offer your customers the benefits of a KPN product without investing in the technology yourself.

  • We provide the technology
  • You focus on your customer
  • Benefit from Economies of Scale

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Why choose KPN Wholesale’s WMP services?

We provide the technology

WMP is an end-to-end broadband Internet connection to your customers, including the required peripheral devices/WiFi modem. You can extend the services by adding VoIP calls. WMP is available for copper and fiber-optic networks with speeds up to 500 Mbps.

You focus on your customers

You are in charge of new business development, customer service and billing, so you can keep the focus on your customers while we manage all the technology.

Benefit from Economies of Scale

The investment involved is minimal, while at the same time you get to benefit from KPN’s economies of scale, such as the purchase of peripheral devices like modems, glass boxes, and the shipment of these items.

In addition, you get to benefit from the latest advances in technology – including network upgrades – at KPN.