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How loyal are your visitors?

Every company with an online presence – whether in the form of a web shop, streaming videos, or a website – knows that the loyalty of visitors, viewers or customers depends on the performance of its online content. What are the consequences when a live stream is not working properly, an instructional video cannot be loaded, or a web shop goes offl ine on Black Friday? How well-prepared is your company if something goes wrong at the worst possible time?

Better online performance

The difference between online success and failure is a matter of milliseconds. No matter where in the world your content (such as photos, videos, style sheets or documents) is offered, KPN’s Content Delivery Network (CDN) ensures that it becomes available online – and stays available. At peak times, our CDN will process the high traffic volumes to ensure that your website or app and its contents are optimally delivered to end-users.

But KPN delivers more than just your content. We can also help you to prepare, optimally display and monetize it. We support you in uploading and encoding videos, and displaying them without a hitch. We enhance the speed and security of websites, and ensure they remain available in the event of a DDoS attack.

Boost your Online business

We also provide you with valuable statistics and management information, yielding insights to help you boost your online business. With Over-The-Top (OTT) Workflow, we even offer a complete solution that covers the entire process from uploading videos to delivering them to any device, anywhere in the world. This will not only improve quality, but will also reduce your operating costs. With OTT Workflow, your content can be posted online with just a few mouse-clicks. In a convenient, user-friendly way. Once-only, occasionally or regularly. Invoiced at usage-based rates. Your wishes and requirements are paramount.

More information about our Content Delivery Network ? We can help you make your choice.

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KPN Wholesale CDN Services

Live event streaming

Stream your event worldwide to a Smart TV, tablet, PC, or other devices. The video stream works flawlessly at all times, even when large numbers of people are watching the same stream simultaneously.

  • From any location
  • To any device
  • Pause and play back
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Media streaming

Videos should work right away. Play immediately without disruptions, always with the highest quality on any device. Because your reliability depends entirely on the performance of your content.

  • Live & on demand
  • Reliable
  • Scalable
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CDN guarantees maximum performance for your website, online store, and applications. Your visitors are always guaranteed the best experience, even during peak load and DDoS attacks.

  • Faster loading time
  • Protection against DDoS attacks
  • Prevents delays caused by external applications
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OTT Workflow

The over-the-top Workflow adapts video content for more than 400 devices, ranging from Apple TV to Chromecast and Smart TV, easily delivering content worldwide from a single system.

  • A single workflow for live streaming, linear, and video-on-demand
  • From a single platform for different channels
  • Dedicated channels with personalized ads available
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How NPO uses the Content Delivery Network

Egon Verharen - Manager R&D

Egon Verharen
Manager R&D, NPO

“KPN's Content Delivery Network helped us reach record heights"

Hit homegrown comedy series De Luizenmoeder and live events such as the FIFA World Cup and the Olympics are just two of the high-ratings programs aired by National Dutch public TV channel NPO.

NPO was looking for a provider who could deliver these and other programs reliably to large numbers of end users over the Internet, and they needed to look no further than KPN Wholesale.