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Access the KPN network through KPN Wholesale

KPN’s fixed and mobile networks are ready for the future. A state-of-the-art, public network where telecommunications operators and service providers can provide their services under their own name. KPN Wholesale provides its partners with access to this network.

  • Ready for the future
  • Maximum customer reach
  • Satisfied partners

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Why choose KPN Wholesale ?

Ready for the Future

We provide the building blocks you need, so you can provide your customers with both fixed and mobile services.

We offer a variety of partnership models. For example, if you transport your own services, you only need to opt for a physical connection. If you would like to invest less in your own hardware, you can choose to outsource more work to us.

We adapt to changes with every new service we introduce to ensure our portfolio will be viable in the long term. We are equipped to serve existing and new customers as well as we can at all times.

Maximum Customer Reach

You benefit from maximum customer reach thanks to our extensive network.

In addition to linking any location in the Netherlands to your network, you will be able to establish domestic and international connections. Our redundant network assures you and your customers of a high-quality, reliable connection.

We offer the highest standards of reliability and sustainability. We make life more free, easy and fun.

Satisfied Partners

Your success is our success, which is why we value the partnerships we build and maintain with our customers.

Our experts know the markets in which our partners operate and provide advice on an appropriate portfolio and market strategy, now and in the future.

The numbers speak for themselves: a Net Promoter Score (NPS) of +36 (dec-2018) shows just how satisfied our customers are.