KPN Wholesale Media Services offers partners the opportunity to offer Interactive KPN TV for Business to its customers. With the KPN TV portfolio in your offering, you distinguish yourself in the business market with a high-quality and future-proof television, radio and internet solution. Possible buyers are hotels, healthcare institutions, housing, correctional facilities and campsites.

Interested in how you can offer TV for Business? We can help you make the best choice.

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Interactive Business TV

  • Plug & play via Internet and accounts (OTT)
  • Add value for your customers and create additional revenue streams (e.g. navigation information on restaurants)
  • Choose the basic 30 TV and 28 radio channels, add specific channels or payed channels as Fox Sports and Ziggo Sports
  • Watch TV like you do at home: pause/playback, replay-tv and catch-up tv
  • Easy integration with your own customer systems (including PMS systems)

Part of the KPN Wholesale television portfolio


We believe in partners who can make a difference in the competitive Dutch media market That’s why we look forward to working with you: so we can offer you a package that not only serves as a valuable addition to your current services, but is also an asset in this market. We employ the following partnership models for the Hospitality portfolio:


  • The partner is responsible for marketing, sales and order entry (on behalf of KPN)
  • The partner is responsible for after-sales and extensions
  • The partner receives monthly payments for each unit sold

  • KPN is responsible for managing the excellent media network, including maintenance and all innovations
  • KPN manages order handling for customers, along with billing services
  • KPN manages incident handling for end customers


  • The partner is responsible for handling marketing, sales, and customer connections
  • The partner manages the customer billing process and serves as a point of contact
  • The partner receives monthly invoices from KPN to cover the monthly purchase amount

  • KPN is responsible for managing the excellent media network, including maintenance and all innovations
  • KPN delivers the service up to your customer’s connection point
  • KPN provides technical services and incident handling services for your organization

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