Where do you want to log in ?

If you would like to check the availability of WBA, WEAS, and DWDM, enter a WBA order or view your invoice, you can easily do this using one of KPN Wholesale’s portals.

On May 1st, 2020 we introduced the new MyKPN Wholesale customer portal, more information in this newsletter (in dutch).

We have informed the administrators of our customers about how they can arrange access to the MijnKPN Wholesale portal for their own employees. If your administrator has not received a message or you do not know who your administrator is, you can send an email to Wholesale Authorizations. For questions, please contact your Service Level Manager.

Postcode Tool

Check the availability of WBA, WEAS, and DWDM at a specific address and request prequals and quotes using KPN Wholesale’s postcode tool

MyKPN Wholesale

View your invoices, reports, product documents and incident reports


Quotations and orders for DWDM, DF, SDH, ILL smalband, MTN and Collocation

TIE Portal

Request quotes and orders, check your IB and conduct tests for WEAS using Ping. In addition, we provide information services and trouble ticketing for MDF, WLR, and CPS.

WBA Orderportal

Enter orders, request order status, and view deliveries for WBA.

WBA Serviceportal

Status check, testing, performance recovery, service tickets, proactive incident reports, and scheduled work.

Information about the KPN Wholesale portals

Manual My KPN Wholesale portal v 2.4 (17-04-2020)

Userguide TIE WAP also WBA WAP januari 2020 (21-01-2019)

User guide WEAS related EVC orders - also modify 31-08-2019 (31-08-2019)

Manual WEAS EUA Ordertrail, juni 2019 (11-06-2019)

Userguide WEAS WSO-WSO, mei 2019 (13-05-2019)

Userguide WEAS similar orderbutton januari 2019 (21-01-2019)

User guide TIE password change, 28-09-2018 (28-09-2018)

Mijn KPN Wholesale instructie v1.0 (05-11-2015)