KPN Wholesale’s high-quality phone services

KPN Wholesale covers all your phone service needs. Our Carrier Pre Select (CPS) service enables you to offer your end users telephone communications, while the phone connection is provided through our Wholesale Line Rental (WLR) service.

KPN is currently terminating the digital (ISDN) variant with one or two voice channels. For large business customers, ISDN high capacity connections are available with 15, 20 or 30 voice channels. KPN will also terminate the ISDN high capacity connections from 1 october 2021. The analogue (PSTN) variant is still available.


You will find further information about the above topics below. Many of the documents are only available in the Dutch language. In case you need the information in English please contact KPN Wholesale.

WLR Annex 5 Tariff Schedule v3.20 (geldig vanaf 01-01-2021) (15-10-2020)

WLR Annex 5 Tariff Schedule v3.19 (geldig vanaf 01-01-2020) (11-10-2019)

WLR Annex 5 Tariff Schedule v3.18 (geldig vanaf 01-01-2019) (19-10-2018)

WLR Annex 3 Service en Instandhouding v4.01 (geldig vanaf 21 juli 2017 ) (22-08-2017)

WLR Raamovereenkomst v4.0 (31-03-2017)

WLR Annex 2 Ordering en Levering v3.09 (geldig vanaf 21-07-2017) (14-07-2017)

WLR Annex 3 Service en Instandhouding v3.11 (geldig vanaf 21-07-2017) (19-05-2017)

WLR Annex 1 Productbeschrijving v3.06 (geldig vanaf 24-02-2017) (24-02-2017)

WLR Amendement 4 op RO 3.0 inzake introductie Doe-Het-Zelf-monteursproces (25-03-2016)

WLR Raamovereenkomst v3.0 (geldig vanaf 03-07-2014) (03-07-2014)

WLR Annex 4 Informatie Producten v3.0 (geldig vanaf 01-07-2014) (03-07-2014)

WLR Annex 6 Facturatie v3.0 (geldig vanaf 01-07-2014) (03-07-2014)

WLR Annex 7 CPS-afspraken v3.0 (geldig vanaf 03-07-2014) (03-07-2014)

WLR LCHC Processendocument 2.92 (24-02-2020)

WLR DHZ Handboek Monteursdiensten monteursproces (25-03-2016)

WLR Overig Excel-ordersheets (25-01-2016)

WLR Part3-ISDN v33 (10-07-2015)

WLR Part2-PSTN v34 (10-07-2015)

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