“ Our OTT Workflow Solution easily and conveniently delivers video content to over 400 different devices (Smart TV, Apple TV, Android, Chromecast, Windows, etc.). It is also possible to set up new theme-based channels with personalized ads, for instance. A boost to the income of your business.”

You want to keep the attention of your viewers. To offer them the best possible streaming quality, without any hassle. KPN’s Over-The-Top (OTT) Workflow service takes care of the entire process.

Service from A to Z

The service offers a single workflow for streaming live, linear and on-demand video. OTT Workflow enables you to easily publish your content on websites or in apps. All the required operations are performed on a single platform. We will make sure that your video content is secure, and can be viewed on any device from any location, with one simple URL. Post your live event on the web with a few mouse-clicks, make the video available on-demand immediately after the event has ended, share it with your viewers on social media, create virtual linear channels featuring your content, include ads, and personalize. It’s all possible with KPN’s OTT Workflow. The powerful and very extensive APIs enable you to easily integrate OTT Workflow into existing content management systems and into your own workflow.

KPN will take care of everything for you, while also offering opportunities to monetize your content on any platform. You only pay for your actual usage. Let OTT Workflow work for you!

OTT workflow offers:

  • One workflow for live, linear and on-demand video
  • One solution for monetization
  • One simple business model
  • One partner

OTT workflow characteristics

  • Your streaming service online in just one day
  • Encoding, transcoding & storage
  • Dynamic serverside ad-insertion
  • Standardized DRM
  • Worldwide content delivery
  • Uniform analytics
  • Fully API-based

How DanceTelevision uses OTT Workflow

Guillaume - General Manager Dance TV

Guillaume Despin - General Manager DanceTelevision

‘We like this platform very much, even though we are not using all the features that we would like to use just yet.’

DanceTelevision future proof with OTT Workflow from KPN Wholesale

DanceTelevison is a European TV channel that makes live video of club and dance parties. The company was looking for a future-proof solution for distributing their dance music. For multiple reasons they selected the ‘OTT Workflow solution’ – a content distribution platform delivered by KPN Wholesale.