“ Your website experience peak usage and contains sensitive information. KPN’s Content Delivery Network (CDN) protects your site against DDoS attacks and increases capacity when required to maintain optimal performance.”

Your website is very popular. And you want it to stay that way. Especially during expected and unexpected peak times. Your website includes videos, games or other widgets to enrich and personalize the user experience of your visitors on any device. In addition, hack attacks are becoming increasingly creative and critical for your site as it grows in popularity. Our CDN ensures that you can offer your visitors the ultimate experience, and that your website or web shop continues to perform during peak times or attacks. Continuity remains assured. Like your revenue and customer satisfaction.

Web acceleration offers:

  • Permanent optimal performance of your website, web shop and applications
  • Faster load time for dynamic sites, making them ready for interactions with end-users on any device in the blink of an eye
  • Protection of your content and site against attacks
  • No website delays due to third-party applications
  • Higher search engine ranking
  • ISO 27001 certified, compliant with Payment Card Industry standards

Web acceleratie characteristics

  • Acceleration of static and dynamic content (non-cacheable content and web applications)
  • Scalable, flexible and available worldwide
  • Edge optimization
  • Web application fi rewall: protects against application layer attacks
  • Improve your DNS response times
  • Lua scripting support
  • Very extensive APIs for easy integration
  • Origin cloaking: block public access to your web server; only trusted CDN addresses have access, creating an additional ‘security layer’
  • Support for OCSP stapling and certifi cate pinning; our CDN provides very short response times when websites secured with TLS certifi cates are used
  • Support and service: 24/7/365 monitoring, professional services
  • Always access to extensive statistics via our CDN portal